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Supporting and developing the professionalisation of youth ministry around the world

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IASYM Online colloquium January 7th 2021 -

American session

  • EST (East Coast) 12:00
  • PST (Pacific) 09:00

Each regional session starts with a common session. Just choose the indicated Zoom link. The password for all streams is: 2021. After the common session follow 3 parallel sessions with each its own zoom link. Every session takes 60 minutes.

Chair: Beth Corrie

Technical host: Helen Blier (e-mail)

  • Welcome by the chair of the session
  • Viewing the pre-recorded colloquium: Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry in Times of Upheaval” by Beth Corrie (US), Garth Aziz (Africa), and Graham Stanton (Aus)The video will be streamed through Zoom but it can also be seen here directly.
  • Open colloquium.
  • Short break to choose the desired stream

Three parallel presentations twice. Select the desired link to participate.

Each session consist of 20 minutes presentation, 30 minutes colloquium and a 10 minutes break.

All the abstracts are available as a pdf file here.

Session A1 

Elizabeth W. Corrie, “Helping Youth Become Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves: Peace Education with Youth in the Midst of Civil Upheaval”

Session A2 

Tracey Lamont, Accompanying the Lonely: Practicing Synodality in Ministry with Catholic Young Adults

Session A3 

Seth Vopat, Youth Agency in a Secular Age

10 minutes break. Next session starts at the hour

Session B1 

Jodi Hunt, Where None are Gathered: Keeping Digitally Marginalized Youth Connected to Faith & Community

Session B2 

Tamra Fromm, Young black lives matter in Detroit… to a white pastor

Session B3 

Jillinda A. Weaver, Learning Antiracism with Youth on Zoom: a Reflection

After a 40 minutes break the International session continues.

The uncut version (1 hour) of the pre-recorded colloquium can be seen here

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