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Supporting and developing the professionalisation of youth ministry around the world

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IASYM Online colloquium January 7th 2021 -

African/european session

  • EAT (Nairobi) 11:00
  • CET (Europe) 09:00

    Each regional session starts with a common session. Just choose the indicated Zoom link. The password for all streams is: 2021. After the common session follow 3 parallel sessions with each its own Zoom link. Every session takes 60 minutes.

    Chair for the session: Monique van Dijk-Groenenboer

    Technical host: Gretchen Schoon Tanis (e-mail)

    • Welcome by the chair of the session
    • Viewing the pre-recorded colloquium: Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry in Times of Upheaval” by Beth Corrie (US), Garth Aziz (Africa), and Graham Stanton (Aus). The video will be streamed through Zoom but it can also be seen here directly.
    • Open colloquium.
    • Short break to choose the desired stream

    Three parallel presentations twice. Select the desired link to participate.

    Each session consist of 20 minutes presentation, 30 minutes colloquium and a 10 minutes break.

    All the abstracts are available as a pdf file here.

    Session A1 

    Shantelle Weber, Astrid Sandsmark, Sarah Holmes, and Ronelle Sonnenberg, Reflections on Ministry amongst children during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    Session A2 

    Robin Barfield, The Liminal Child: Agency and Potential in Dialogue

    Session A3 

    Scott Paget, Orientation, Dislocation and Dwelling

    10 minutes break. Next session starts at the hour

    Session B1 

    Bert Roebben, Agnosticism as Breakout Room. Theologizing with Young People in their Search for Meaning, Identity and Spirituality

    Session B2 

    Anthony Mifsud, Spirituality & Political Participation amongst Maltese Generation Z

    Session B3 

    John Marion, We’re Found Together, Apart: Young People’s Sense of Belonging and its Implications for Ministry During a Pandemic

    After a 10 minutes break:

    Optional session for graduate students ZOOM LINK [Stream ONE] Passcode is always: 2021

    Are you pursuing graduate work that focuses on youth and youth ministry? Join us for an informal conversation to network, share your scholarly interests, and learn more about how IASYM supports emerging research!

    Chair: Monique van Dijk-Groenenboer and Gretchen Schoon Tanis

    End of African/European session. Please also join us for the International session.

    The uncut version (1 hour) of the pre-recorded colloquium can be seen here

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